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Sunday 28-Oct-2012

N3599P L100-30 CMB706 Dep 06:09Z to LERT
Saturday 27-Oct-2012

N3599P L100-30 CMB706 Arr 15:??Z
Friday 26-Oct-2012

74-1688 C130H USAF 317AG RCH248 Dep 08:41Z E/B to EGUN
Has a Hex Callsign of ROGUE39   Routing Via DINIM ELSOX

???? C160D GAF GAF388 Arr 15:16Z W/B 

ZD621 BAE125-CC3 RAF 32Sqn RRR1610 Dep CYYR 15:55Z E/B
Wednesday 24-Oct-2012

165160 C130T USN VR54 CNV3864 Dep 12:21Z E/B

165158 C130T USN VR53 CNV3794 Dep 14:00Z W/B

C-FKCI CL30 C-FKCI Dep 18:30Z to CYSJ

74-1688 C130H USAF 317AG RCH248 Arr 23:53Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign of ROGUE39
Tuesday 23-Oct-2012

08-3178 C130J USAF 317AW RCH135 Dep 02:56Z W/B

10-3068 C146A (D328) USAF 524SOS RCH1048 Dep 11:17Z to KPSM

N442KC Angel44 N442KC Dep 13:40Z to KHUL

165160 C130T USN VR54 CNV3864 Arr 19:40Z E/B
Monday 22-Oct-2012

EC-KPJ G150 TMG191J Arr 12:15Z Dep 13:00Z to SKCG

For Info
09-0684 RAVEN02, 09-0624 CROW01 and 09-0655 CROW02 MC12W
Dep CYYR going West at 12:00Z

10-3068 C146A (D328) USAF 524SOS RCH1048 Arr 17:09Z

For Info
BLUE51 63-8020 KC135 with RETRO11-12 2 x F15s started there crossing to East today but RETRO11 had a Hydraulic leak and the Flight turned round and diverted into CYYR

Sunday 21-Oct-2012

N888SF C680 N888SF Dep 10:40Z to EDDM

N215ML BE20 N215ML Arr 12:42Z Dep 13:40Z to LPAZ

08-3178 C130J USAF 317AW RCH135 Arr 20:11Z W/B 

Saturday 20-Oct-2012

We are back again!!! New laptop now install all working well (Fingers crossed) with thanks to FedEx getting the replacement from the UK to St Johns in 3 Days

Anyway back to the Info

???? C160D GAF GAF263 Dep 11:26Z to LPLA

93-0602 C17A USAF 137AS RCH881 Inb CYQX 11:38Z

???? C160D GAF GAF226 Dep 11:42Z to LPLA

9XR-WH CRJ9 9XRWH Inb CYQX 12:09Z Dep 13:40Z

N810YS LJ60 N810YS Dep 12:22Z to TJIG

165158 C130T USN VR53 CNV3794 Arr 18:53Z W/B

N442KC Angel44 N442KC Arr 19:07Z