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Friday 14-Sep-2012

Just for info... looks as if the Laptop is totally dead 

I will be sending out a replacement but it will take a little time to setup and position there

So with any luck should have it all working again by the end of October

Check back at the End of October and we should be back

Boxhill Bob
Wednesday 12-Sep-2012

The Storm took out my Laptop in St Johns. After the power cuts there, it came back on but then shut down. I cannot get it started again so I am back to square one

No reports again from me until I get it going.... which may take some time !!
Look like Sh*t Happens !!!!!!   As I returned to the UK on Monday
Boxhill Bob
Tuesday 11-Sep-2012

90-1794 C130H USAF 180AS RCH661 Dep 09:19Z W/B

From The Canadian Press

Officials with the Canadian Hurricane Centre in Halifax said the centre of the storm made landfall at around 8:30 a.m. local (12.00z ) time in Fortune, N.L., following its anticipated track to the Burin Peninsula  

Tropical storm Leslie pelted Newfoundland on Tuesday, unleashing hurricane-force winds on a large swath of the province's east coast and drenching rains in the west.

The St. John's airport recorded hurricane-force gusts of up to 131 km/h, while a buoy in Placentia Bay recorded waves exceeding 12 metres.

Power was knocked out throughout St. John's and communities along the southeastern coast of the Avalon, and all flights at the airport were cancelled.

Inside the airport, stranded passengers gazed up at electronic boards red with cancellations before the power cut out and they went black.

So All report are suspended until the power comes back. Hope all is well there

Monday 10-Sep-2012

03-8154 C130J USAF 815AS HOBBY09 Arr 00:11Z Dep 15:56Z to KBIX
Probably with parts for 05-8152

78-0809 C130H USAF 758AS RCH214 Dep 11:00Z to EGPK
Has a Hex Call Sign of PITT 09

05-8152 C130J USAF 815AS RCH123 Dep 13:02Z E/B

90-1794 C130H USAF 180AS RCH661 Arr 15:25Z W/B

G-LUXE B463 UK Met METMAN1 Was in the Area at 15:55Z
Hurricane Leslie is  Due to hit St Johns on 11/09 probably something to do with that

06-4633 C130J USAF 19AW RCH464 Arr 20:26Z W/B

PH-EBR F900 PH-EBR Arr 20:12Z Dep 21:34Z

05-3145 C130J USAF 19AW RCH543 Arr 21:07Z W/B

Saturday 08-Sep-2012

CH-07 C130 BAF 20Sm BAF651 Dep 10:40Z W/B

78-0809 C130H USAF 758AS RCH214 Arr 17:47Z E/B
Has a Hex Call Sign of PITT 09

N9270Q C172 N9270Q Dep 19:00Z to EGJB

74-1664 C130H USAF 317AG RCH600 Arr 20:53Z Dep 21:40Z W/B
Friday 07-Sep-2012

05-8156 C130J USAF 815AS RCH274 Dep 10:10Z E/B

78-0807 C130H USAF 758AS RCH731 Dep 12:00Z E/B
Has a Hex Call Sign of PITT 07

163022 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER84 Dep 15:19Z E/B
Has a Hex Call Sign of RANGER81

???? C160D GAF163 Dep 17:23Z to CYQX

CH-07 C130 BAF 20Sm BAF651 Arr 17:54Z

N9270Q C172 N9270Q Arr 19:56Z 
Thursday 06-Sep-2012

162311 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER83 Dep ??:??Z E/B
Has a Hex Code of 00E4C9

N604FJ CL60 N604FJ Arr ??:?? Dep 10:40Z to EBAW

92-1534 C130H USAF 187AS RCH999 Dep 13:27Z E/B

???? C160D GAF163 Arr 15:35Z 

78-0807 C130H USAF 758AS RCH731 Arr 18:04Z E/B
Has a Hex Call Sign of PITT 07

05-8156 C130J USAF 815AS RCH274 Arr 18:09Z E/B

05-8152 C130J USAF 815AS RCH123 Arr 18:22Z E/B

N226HY E135 N226HY Arr 22:20Z

163022 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER84 Arr 23:40Z E/B
Has a Hex Call Sign of RANGER81
Wednesday 05-Sep-2012

N900EM E135 N900EM Arr ??:??Z Dep 01:40Z to LSZH

08-3175 C130J USAF 317AW RCH581 Dep 01:49Z E/B

140103 CP140 CAF 405 Sqn HUNTER20 Dep 10:20Z

08-5684 C130J USAF 317AW RCH383 Dep 17:32Z E/B

92-1534 C130H USAF 187AS RCH999 Arr 20:20Z E/B

162311 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER83 Arr 21:57Z E/B
Has a Hex Code of  00E4C9
Tuesday 04-Sep-2012

161530 C9B USN VR-52 Convoy 9081 Arr 01:40Z Dep 16:30Z

N2467A PA46T N2467A Dep 09:40Z to LPAZ

N403CT H25B N403CT Due to Dep 11:10Z to KBUF

164998 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3905 Dep 11:39Z W/B

ZH869 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5906 Dep 11:43Z to KVPS

140103 CP140 CAF 405 Sqn HUNTER20 Arr 18:05Z

08-5684 C130J USAF 317AW RCH383 Arr 22:09Z E/B 

Monday 03-Sep-2012

G-CIVB B744 British Airways BA217 Arr ???? Dep 16:14Z to KIAD 

ZH869 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5906 Arr 16:38Z

164998 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3905 Arr 16:57Z

F-GPPF FA50 LEA028F Arr 16:35Z Dep 17:40Z to LFPB

08-3173 C130J USAF 317AW RCH342 Dep 18:13Z E/B to EGPK

08-5683 C130J USAF 317AW RCH424 Dep 18:41Z E/B to EGPK

08-3175 C130J USAF 317AW RCH581 Due to Dep but went Tech

N2467Z PA46T N2467Z Arr 20:31Z

N71PG LJ35 N71PG Arr 21:21Z

N403CT H25B N403CT Arr 21:28Z
Sunday 02-Sep-2012

90-1798 C130H USAF 139AS RCH940 Dep 11:35Z to EGPK
Has a Hex Call Sign JADED9

N722JB F2TH N722JB Dep 13:44Z to KDAY

88-0195 MC130H USAF 7SOS BALK31 Dep 15:40Z E/B to EGUN

2005 HC130J USCG C2005 Dep 16:10Z

N31HK LJ35 N31HK Dep 17:45Z to KBGR

08-3173 C130J USAF 317AW RCH342 Arr 21:55Z E/B

08-3175 C130J USAF 317AW RCH581 Arr 22:30Z E/B

08-5683 C130J USAF 317AW RCH424 Arr 23:10Z E/B

****   WE ARE BACK   ***

Saturday 01-Sep-2012

88-0195 MC130H USAF 7SOS BALK31 Arr 20:46Z E/B

N722JB F2TH  N722JB Arr 20:30Z

2005 HC130J USCG C2005 Arr 22:40Z