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Saturday 30-June-2012

166688 EH-02 / 166689 EH-03 CV22B USMC VMM-264 LEROY11/12 Dep 15:30Z to LPLA

168225 EH-13/ / 168226 EH-14 CV22B USMC VMM-264 LEROY13/14 Dep 15:36Z to LPLA

?????? EH-05 / 165943 EH-12 CV22B USMC VMM-264 LEROY15/16 Dep 15:45Z Arr 20:14Z 
Air Spares returned to CYYT as LEROY15 Flight 

168069 / 166764 KC130J USMC VMGR 252 OTIS51Flight Dep 16:01Z to LPLA
Second aircraft OTIS53 joined with LEROY15/16 then broke away and returned to KNKT

166380 KC130J USMC USMC VMGR-252 OTIS52 Dep 16:19Z To LPLA


92-3022 C130H USAF 757AS VADER22 Arr 18:14Z E/B
Has a Hex callsign of RCH796

With Thanks to Andrew M for the USMC updates
Friday 29-June-2012

168069 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS51 Arr 17:22Z

166764 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS53 Arr 17:53Z
No Hex Ping

N610G B752 N610G Arr 18:01Z Dep 19:22Z

?????? CV22B USMC VMM-264? LEROY11 Arr 20:09Z

?????? CV22B USMC VMM-264? LEROY12 Arr 20:15ZZ

?????? CV22B USMC VMM-264? LEROY21 Arr 20:23Z

?????? CV22B USMC VMM-264? LEROY22 Arr 20:23Z

?????? CV22B USMC VMM-264? LEROY31 Arr 21:12Z

166380 KC130J VMGR252 OTIS52 Arr 22:30Z

06-4633 C130J USAF 19AW RCH821 Arr 22:46Z

?????? CV22B USMC VMM-264? LEROY32 Arr 23:04Z

Inbound Call Sign, BuNos Tie ups for the USMC are unknown but we did better on the way out see Saturday Report

Tuesday 26-June-2012

R224 C160R FAF ET00.64 CTM2061 Dep 10:59Z W/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF961 Dep 12:08Z E/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF973 Dep 12:42Z E/B

08-27015 C27J USAF 164AS RCH224 Dep 14:50Z W/B to KMTN

168070 KC130J USMC VMGR252 OTIS81 Arr 17:33Z Dep 19:42 W/B

73091 Do328 USAF 524SOS RCH1048 Arr 19:20Z Dep 20:20Z W/B to KPSM

Monday 25-June-2012

08-27012 C27J USAF 164AS RCH324 Dep 12:56Z W/B

R224 C160R FAF ET00.64 CTM2061 Arr 18:35Z W/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF973 Arr 20:51Z E/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF961 Arr 20:14Z E/B

89-0513 AC130U USAF 4SOS RCH1004 Arr 21:14Z E/B

08-27015 C27J USAF 164AS RCH224 Arr 23:00Z W/B
Sunday 24-June-2012

08-27012 C27J USAF 164AS RCH324 Arr 17:24Z W/B
Saturday 23-June-2012

88-0195 MC130H USAF 7SOS BREEZ51 Dep 11:31Z W/B
Friday 22-June-2012

73-1583 EC130H USAF 55ECG AXIS62 Dep 01:22Z E/B

03077 Do328 USAF 524SOS RCH1047 Dep ??:?? E/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF291 Arr 16:02Z E/B

88-0195 MC130H USAF 7SOS BREEZ51 Arr 16:56Z W/B
Wednesday 20-June-2012

03077 Do328 USAF 524SOS RCH1047 Arr 00:59Z E/B

73-1583 EC130H USAF 55ECG AXIS62 Arr 03:15Z E/B

140103 CP140 CAF 407Sqn SABRE37 Arr 12:22Z Dep 14:11Z to CYZX
Tuesday 19-June-2012

94-6701 C130H USAF 169AS RCH792 Dep 13:40Z W/B
has a Hex Callsign of E46701
Monday 18-June-2012

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF982 Dep 12:03Z E/B

ZZ330 A332 RAF 10Sqn RRR2729 Dep 1208Z E/B

5100 C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF977 Dep 12:18Z E/B to EINN

94-6701 C130H USAF 169AS RCH792 Arr 17:58Z W/B
has a Hex Callsign of E46701

Sunday 17-June-2012

?????? KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER84 Dep 11:10Z E/B to LERT

163023 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER83 Dep 11:34Z E/B to LERT

N544GA AC90 N544GA Arr 15:55 From KFRG

ZZ330 A332 RAF 10Sqn RRR2728 Arr 17:21Z W/B
First Trans Atlantic Crossing for a RAF Voyager KC.2
Saturday 16-June-2012

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH809 Dep 12:28Z E/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF291 Dep 12:41Z W/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF982 Arr 16:26Z

5100 C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF977 Arr 18:02Z

69-6569 AC130H USAF 27SOW RCH2035 Arr 21:19Z Dep 23:59Z as RCH1035 E/B to BIKF
Friday 15-June-2012

159116 C9B USN VR56 Convoy9201 Arr 15:59Z Dep 17:03Z W/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF291 Arr 16:01Z W/B

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH809 Arr 17:54Z E/B

165351 C130T USN VR55 Convoy3126 Dep 18:13 E/B 

163023 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER84 Arr 20:44Z E/B

?????? KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER83 Arr 22:20Z E/B
Has a Hex of 29CBB8
Wednesday 13-June-2012

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH810 Dep ??:??Z E/B
Tuesday 12-June-2012

4171 C130E PAF ?? Sqn PAAF386 Arr 03:44Z Dep 05:34Z

2001 HC130J USCG C2001 Dep 12:48Z to KECG

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH810 Arr 16:00Z E/B

165351 C130T USN VR55 Convoy3126 Arr 20:27Z

Monday 11-June-2012

2001 HC130J USCG C2001 Dep 12:12Z Arr 19:27Z
Local Mission

164441 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY80 Arr 16:07Z W/B
Sunday 10-June-2012

2001 HC130J USCG C2001 Dep 12:40Z Arr 18:58Z
Local Mission

ZH870 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5702 Dep ??:??Z W/B

N660AA B200 N660AA Arr 13:59Z Dep 14:32Z to LPAZ

N660WN B200 N660WM Arr 12:59Z Dep 14:34Z to LPAZ

130610 CC130J CAF 8WG CFC2579 Arr 22:29Z W/B

Saturday 09-June-2012

2001 HC130J USCG C2001 Dep 10:19Z Arr 17:54Z
Local Mission

ZH870 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5702 Arr 22:57 W/B

Friday 08-June-2012

159118 C9B USN VR56 Convoy9262 Arr 06:53 E/B Dep ??:??

65-0983 HC130P USAF 71RQS KING75 Dep 11:21Z W/B

2001 HC130J USCG C2001 Dep 12:49Z Arr 20:45Z
Local Mission

144615 CC144B CAF 412 Sqn CFC3014 Arr 14:30Z Dep 17:53Z E/B

149915 CH149 CAF ?? Sqn RESCUE915 Arr 17:16

130334 CC130H CAF 413 Sqn Arr 17:23Z RESCUE334 Arr 17:23Z Dep 18:35 as TUSKER334 to CYZX
Has TSKR334 as a Hex Callsign

Thursday 07-June-2012

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH810 Dep15:33Z W/B
Has Hex Callsign of EPIC77

65-0983 HC130P USAF 71RQS KING75 Arr 16:43Z W/B

69-0026 C5A USAF 155AS RCH339 Arr 19:25Z Dep ??:?? E/B
Has Hex Callsign of ELVIS26
Wednesday 06-June-2012

2001 HC130J USCG C2001 Arr 18:57Z

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH810 Arr 19:54Z W/B
Has Hex Callsign of EPIC77

164106 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY99 Arr 20:31Z
Tuesday 05-June-2012

5104 C160D GAF ??Ltg GAFW13 Dep 12:53Z E/B to BIKF
Monday 04 -June-2012

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH810 Dep 08:20Z E/B
Has Hex Callsign of EPIC77

87-0126 MC130H USAF 1SOS RCH1017 Dep 10:32Z W/B to KCEF

65-0970 HC130P USAF 39RQS RCH40 Dep 13:17Z W/B
Has Hex Callsign of KING51

64-14864 HC130P USAF 39RQS RCH39 Dep 13:22Z W/B
Has Hex Callsign of KING64

160051 C9B USN VR52 Convoy9501 Dep 13:30Z E/B To KNIP

5104 C160D GAF ??Ltg GAFW13 Arr 18:54Z E/B

Sunday 03-Jun-2012

N81379 Be300 N81379 Dep 12:05Z to LPAZ

165314 C130T USN VR62 Convoy3581 Dep 12:40Z W/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF982 Dep 12:48Z E/B

93-1561 C130H USAF 56AS RCH810 Arr 15:59Z E/B
Has Hex Callsign of EPIC77

87-0126 MC130H USAF 1SOS RCH1017 Arr 17:14Z W/B

64-14864 HC130P USAF 39RQS RCH39 Arr 17:55Z W/B
Has Hex Callsign of KING64

65-0970 HC130P USAF 39RQS RCH40 Arr 20:44Z W/B
Has Hex Callsign of KING51

160051 C9B USN VR52 Convoy9501 Arr 22:33Z E/B

Saturday 2-June-202

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF982 Arr 15:01Z E/B

???? C160D GAF ??Ltg GAF163 Arr 16:16Z E/B

165314 C130T USN VR62 Convoy3581 Arr 20:50Z W/B