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Wednesday 11-July-2012

On the 06 the July my SBS Box in St Johns stopped working and I have been trying to get it going again but to no avail

By the amount of hits I get on the site a lot of you out there fine it interesting 
but trying to do this Blog without it is hard work

I will be in St Johns in September and will make repairs

So there will be a two month brake and normal service should resume at the start of September

Check back in September.... Boxhill Bob

Thursday 05-July -2012

88-1303 MC130W USAF 73SOS RCH1040 Dep 20:35Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign of STING75
Wednesday 04-July-2012

80-0326 C130H USAF 158AS DAWG25 Dep 10:47Z E/B to EGVA
Has a Hex Callsign og DAWG07

166380 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS52 Dep 1108Z W/B

168069 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS51 Dep 13:11Z W/B

168070 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS88 Arr 20:01Z Dep 20:47Z to KNKT

165810 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS87 Arr 20:04Z Dep 20:44Z to KNKT

90-1794 C130H USAF 180AS RCH130 Arr 22:31Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign of JESSE94 
Tuesday 03-July-2012

165810 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS87 Dep 10:21Z E/B to EGLF

168070 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS88 Dep 11:21Z E/B to EGLF

91-1235 C130H USAF165AS RCH592 Dep 12:41Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign of DERBY21

91-1238 C130H USAF 165AS RCH582 Dep 14:18Z E/B

168069 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS51 Arr 16:52Z W/B

166380 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS52 Arr 17:11Z W/B

80-0326 C130H USAF 158AS DAWG25 Arr 18:39Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign og DAWG07

165314 C130T USN VR62 Convoy3381 Arr 20:22Z W/B

88-1303 MC130W USAF 73SOS RCH1040 Arr 21:56Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign of STING75

Monday 02-July-2012

168070 KC130J USMC VMGR-252 OTIS88 Arr 17:18Z E/B

89-0513 AC130U USAF 4SOS RCH1004 Dep 17:48Z E/B

A30-005 B737 AEW&C RAAF 2 Sqn ASY254 Arr 18:00Z into CYQX

165158 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3922 Dep 18:09Z E/B 

91-1235 C130H USAF165AS RCH592 Arr 19:14Z E/B
Has a Hex Callsign of DERBY21

165810 KC130J USMC VMGR252 OTIS87 Arr 19:16Z E/B

91-1238 C130H USAF 165AS RCH582 Arr 19:24Z E/B

Sunday 01-July-2012

06-4633 C130J USAF 19AW RCH821 Dep 03:25Z

92-3022 C130H USAF 757AS VADER22 Dep 11:40Z W/B
Has a Hex callsign of RCH796

165158 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3922 Arr 18:50Z E/B