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Friday 30-Mar-2012

N30416 C208 N30416 Dep 11:47Z To LPAZ

130605 C130J CAF 8WG CFC2545 Dep 11:51Z to CYZC

163592 KC130T USMC VMGR452 Yanky63 Arr 15:30Z W/B
Has a Hex Code of 249249

N594CA CL30 N594CA Arr 17:36Z Dep 19:12Z to KTPA

165161 C130T USN VR64 Convoy3187 Arr 16:40Z Dep 18:08Z to KWRI

CH-01 C130H BAF 20sm BAF640 Arr 1852Z E/B From KADW

05-3145 C130J USAF 19AW RCH130 Dep 18:56Z E/B to EGPK 

08-3178 C130J USAF 317AW RCH595 Arr 22:09Z
Thursday 29-Mar-2012

88-1306 AC130W USAF 27SOW RCH1037 Dep 00:10Z E/B
To meet with ETHYL27 58-0030 KC135R to Refuel at 53N 46W

164762 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3528 Arr 01:17Z Dep 17:41Z to EINN  E/B 

G-VIIC B772 British Airways BA264 Arr 05:20Z Dep 07:46Z
Div in from KIAD with Medical Emergency Dep to EGLL

N832MH B764 Delta DL82 Arr 05:34Z Dep 08:02Z  
Div in from KJFK with Medical Emergency Dep to LFMN

93-1456 C130H USAF 156AS EPIC73 Dep 10:11Z W/B
Has a Hex Callsign of RCH730

65-0991 MC130P USAF 67SOS BREEZE51 Dep 11:18Z W/B

161530 C9B USN VR46 Convoy9185 Dep 13:02Z E/B

CH-01 C130H BAF 20sm BAF640 Dep 13:11Z W/B to KADW

165159 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3864 Dep 15.03Z E/B to EINN

130605 C130J CAF 8WG CFC2545 Arr 15:50Z

2005 HC130J USCG C2005 Dep 16:38Z Arr 20:42Z
Flew mission over Atlantic

G-SUGA E135 EDC650 Arr 17.00Z from KRSW Dep 17:56Z to EGNJ

ZH868 C130C5 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5718 Arr 18:12Z W/B

130606 C130J CAF 8WG CFC2538 Arr 19:16Z Dep 20:37Z

05-3145 C130J USAF 19AW RCH130 Arr 23:24Z E/B
Wednesday 28-Mar-2012

88-1306 AC130W USAF 27SOW RCH1037 Arr 03:53Z E/B

N1397A C56X N1397A Arr 11:28Z from KPIT Dep 15:52Z to LPAZ

C-GLXC F900 C-GLXC Arr 14:00Z from CYUL Dep 17:30Z to LEVC

93-1456 C130H USAF 156AS EPIC73 Arr 16:43Z W/B From EGUN
Has a Hex Callsign of RCH730....Dep Info from Gerry

65-0991 MC130P USAF 67SOS BREEZE51 Arr 17:31Z W/B from EGUN

2005 HC130J USCG C2005 Arr 18:26Z

N30416 C208 N30416 Arr 21:08Z from CYQA

CH-01 C130H BAF 20sm BAF640 Arr 20:28Z W/B

165159 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3864 Arr 21:17Z E/B

161530 C9B USN VR46 Convoy9185 Arr 21:58Z E/B

Tuesday 27-Mar-2012

4177 C130H PAAF ??Sqn PAAF330 Arr 00:53Z Dep 03:01Z E/B to LPLA

163592 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY63 Dep 10:28Z E/B to EIME
Has a Hex of 249249  Routing via DOGAL BEXET  Confirm EIME Thanks to Gerry

VH-QQP DH8C VH-QQP Arr 11:32Z Dep 13:52Z to LPPD

87-0140 C20H USAF RACER97 Arr 13:00Z Dep 13:57Z E/B
Monday 26-Mar-2012

164998 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3224 Dep 13:40Z W/B

163592 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY63 Arr 19:15Z E/B
Has a Hex of 249249
Sunday 25-Mar-2012

ZH887 C130C5 RAF 24/30Sqn RRR5911 Dep 12:48Z E/B

?????? KC130T USMC VMGR??? YANKY99 Dep 14:20Z W/B to KDOV

164388 E6B USN VQ4 FIRM49 Started T&G at 14:35Z

ZH868 C130C4 RAF 24/30Sqn RRR5723 Arr 14:53Z Dep 16:14Z to EGUN

164998 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3224 Arr 18:36Z W/B

Saturday 24-Mar-2012

M-SFAM MD87 M-SFAM Dep 08:30 to EGNS

ZS-MPI B350 ZS-MPI Dep 09:23 to LPAZ

93-1040 C130H USAF 19AW RCH777 Dep 13:19Z W/B

N730EZ BE9L N730EZ Arr 13:09 Dep 13:38Z from KBGR to LPAZ

ZH887 C130C5 RAF 24/30Sqn  RRR5910 Arr 17:45Z W/B
Friday 23-Mar-2012

93-1456 C130H USAF 156AS EPIC56 Dep 11:15Z W/B

87-0024 MC130H USAF 7SOS BREEZE51 Dep 11:28Z W/B

93-1562 C130H USAF 156AS RCH730 Dep 13:50Z W/B to KCEF

93-1040 C130H USAF 19AW RCH777 Arr 14:26Z W/B

??????   KC130T USMC VMGR??? YANKY99 Arr 16:21Z W/B
Thursday 22-Mar-2012

93-1456 C130H USAF 156AS EPIC56 Arr 20:28Z E/B

87-0024 MC130H USAF 7SOS BREEZE51 Arr 22:08Z W/B
Wednesday 21-Mar-2012

88-1803 MC130H USAF 7SOS BREEZE51 Dep 11:27Z E/B to EGUN

2004 HC130J USCG C2004 Dep 12:44Z To KECG

93-1562 C130H USAF 156AS RCH730 Arr 16:31Z W/B

Tuesday 20-Mar-2012

94-7310 C130H USAF 731AS RCH680 Dep 09:40Z W/B

N196RC SPORTMAN GS-2 N196RC Dep 10:20Z E/B to LPFL

94-6702 C130H USAF 169AS RCH631 Dep 10:44Z W/B to KIAG

2004 HC130J USCG C2004 Dep 11:21Z Arr 13:36Z

93-2041 C130H USAF 168AS RCH576 Arr 17:18Z W/B

88-1803 MC130H USAF 7SOS BREEZE51 Arr 20:55Z E/B

Monday 19-Mar-2012

07-8614 C130J USAF 37AS HKY69 Dep 13:18Z W/B to KSTJ

94-6702 C130H USAF 169AS RCH631 Arr 17:40Z W/B

164994 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3645 Arr 19:37Z W/B 

Sunday 18-Mar-2012

ZS-OOW B190 ZS-OOW Dep 11:00Z to LPPD

93-1459 C130H USAF 145AW RCH556 Dep 11:45Z W/B to KCEF

64-14854 MC130P USAF 67SOS BREEZE51 Dep 13:37Z W/B

65-0985 C130H USAF 118AW MUSIC84 Dep 13:52Z W/B
No Mode S Hex from This Aircraft

2004 HC130J USCG C2004 Dep 14:04Z Arr 19:57Z

XV108 VC10 C1K RAF 11 RRR2307 Arr 15:47Z Dep 17:11Z E/B

165158 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3284 Dep 17:13Z E/B

N196RC SPORTMAN GS-2 N196RC Arr 20:03Z from KBGR    

94-7310 C130H USAF 731AS RCH680 Arr 20:11Z W/B

Saturday 17-Mar-2012

93-1563 C130H USAF 156AS Epic33 Dep 09:45Z W/B

93-2042 C130H USAF 169AS RCH643 Dep 10:53Z W/B to KBLV

04-3143 C130J USAF 48AS RCH213 Dep 14:09Z W/B to KLRF

07-8614 C130J USAF 37AS HKY69 Arr 17:35Z W/B

65-0985 C130H USAF 118AW MUSIC84 Arr 17:58Z W/B
No Mode S Hex from This Aircraft 

93-1459 C130H USAF 145AW RCH556 Arr 18:17Z W/B

N710FL C750 Flight Options OPT710 Arr 18:35Z

64-14854 MC130P USAF 67SOS BREEZE51 Arr 20:43Z W/B

ZS-OOW B190 ZS-OOW Arr 22:00Z E/B

165158 C130T USN VR53 Convoy 3284 Arr 22:34Z E/B

Thursday 15-Mar-2012

G-WCCI E135 Air Charter Scotland EDC611 Dep 12:30Z to EGPK

86-0454 C26A USAF Warlock2 Dep 13:11Z to CYHZ
This aircraft arrived on the 18/02

2004 HC130J USCG C2004 Dep 15:13Z Arr 21:53Z

93-2042 C130H USAF 169AS RCH643 Arr 16:55Z W/B

93-1563 C130H USAF 156AS RCH561 Arr 18:00Z W/B

04-3143 C130J USAF 48AS RCH213 Arr 22:34Z W/B
Wednesday 14-Mar-2012

163692 C20D USN VR1 NAVY692 Arr 01:21Z Dep 21:25Z to KADW

95-6709 C130H USAF 130AS RCH535 Dep 12:12Z E/B to EGPK

166378 C20G USN USN VR1 NAVY378 Arr 14:06Z Dep 20:56Z E/B

CS-DLH F2TH NetJet NJE2LM Arr 14:13Z Dep 15:19Z from KDET to LETO E/B

160050 C9B USN VR52 Convoy9845 Arr 18:25Z Dep 19:30Z W/B

2004 HC130J USCG C2004 Arr 19:43Z
Tuesday 13-Feb-2012

165153 C20G USMC MAW-4 GHOST53 Arr 15:21Z Dep 16:38Z W/B

95-6709 C130H USAF 130AS RCH535 Arr 18:22Z E/B
Monday 12-Mar-2012

95-1002 C130H USAF 109AS RCH328 Dep 12:20Z E/B to EGUN
Has Hex Callsign of GOFER02 Routing Via DINIM ELSOX

94-6707 C130H USAF 130AS RCH534 Dep 12:50Z E/B to EGPK
Routing via SUNOT KESIX

XV188 C130C3A  RAF 24/30Sqn RRR5151 Dep 13:28Z E/B to EGVN
Sunday 11-Mar-2012

95-1002 C130H USAF 109AS RCH328 Arr 16:23Z E/B
Has Hex Callsign of GOFER02

94-6707 C130H USAF 130AS RCH534 Arr 18:25Z E/B

XV188 C130C3A RAF 24/30Sqn RRR5151 Arr 20:55Z E/B
Saturday 10-Mar-2012

164180 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY97 Dep 13:08Z W/B to KADW

162786 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER70 Dep 13:43Z W/B to KNFW

95-1001 C130H USAF 109AS RCH545 Dep 14:15Z E/B to EGPK
Has GOFER01 as a Hex Callsign
Friday 09-Mar-2012

1321 DHC8 UAE AF Speedaer402 Dep 09:58Z E/B to EINN
Has a Hex of 896028 Ex A6-ADG ...A6-ADF is also in St Johns so will probably be another UAE AF aircraft

92-0553 C130H USAF 19AW RCH125 Dep 11:10Z E/B to EGUN
Has CADS 63 as a Hex Callsign

92-1535 C130H USAF 187AS RCH108 Dep 11:31Z E/B to EGUN

95-1001 C130H USAF 109AS RCH545 Arr 17:53Z E/B
Has GOFER01 as a Hex Callsign

Thursday 08-Mar-2012

08-3173 C130J USAF 317AG RCH305 Dep 11:38Z W/B

94-6706 C130H USAF 130AS RCH533 Dep 12:30Z E/B to EGPK

96-1003 C130H USAF 109AS RCH538 Dep 14:20Z E/B to EGPK

2003 HC130J USCG CG2003 Dep 15:54Z to KECG

92-1535 C130H USAF 187AS RCH108 Arr 19:57Z E/B

162786 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER70 Arr 20:21Z W/B

164180 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY97 Arr 20:43Z W/B

Wednesday 07-Mar-2012

165159 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3082 Dep 17:30Z W/B

94-6706 C130H USAF 130AS RCH533 Arr 19:26Z E/B

92-0553 C130H USAF 19AW RCH125 Arr 19:54Z E/B
Has CADS 63 as a Hex Callsign

96-1003 C130H USAF 109AS RCH538 Arr 21:21Z E/B

Tuesday 06-Mar-2012

164180 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY97 Dep 02:51Z E/B

165348 C130T USN VR62 Convoy3586 Dep ??:?? W/B
Has Hex Code of 29CBB8...This is Still confusing!!

164105 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY96 Dep 16:09Z W/B
This Aircraft also Has a Hex Code of 29CBB8

165159 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3082 Arr 17:53Z W/B

07-4638 C130J USAF 19AW RCH450 Dep 18:58Z E/B to EGPK
Monday 05-Mar-2012

65-0982 HC130P USAF 71RQS KING74 Dep 14:25Z W/B

65-0988 HC130P USAF 71RQS KING73 Dep 14:57Z W/B

164105 KC130T USMC VMGR452  YANKY96 Arr 18:49Z W/B
Has a Hex Code of 29CBB8

165348 C130T USN VR62 Convoy3586 Arr 19:06Z W/B
This Aircraft also Has Hex Code of 29CBB8...This is Now getting confusing!! 

07-4638 C130J USAF 19AW RCH450 Arr 22:48Z E/B

Sunday 04-Mar-2012

N182YV B190 N182YV Dep 10:40Z to LPAZ

74-1674 C130H USAF 317AG RCH949 Dep 14:50Z W/B

163310 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER73 Dep 16:24Z W/B to KADW

N796CA CRJ1 N796CA Dep 16:46Z to GCTS 

164180 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY97 Arr 19:41Z E/B

65-0988 HC130P USAF 71RQS KING73 Arr 20:41Z W/B

65-0982 HC130P USAF 71RQS KING74 Arr 20:47Z W/B

Saturday 03-Feb-2012

D-CHGN H25B D-CHGN Arr 16:45Z

74-1674 C130H USAF 317AG RCH949 Arr 18:14Z W/B
Friday 02-Mar-2012

2003 HC130J USCG CG2003 Dep 16:02Z Arr 22:41Z
Mission over Atlantic

163310 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER73 Arr 18:45Z W/B from EGUN

08-3173 C130J USAF 317AG RCH305 Arr 19:58Z
Thursday 01-Mar-2012

08-8605 C130J USAF 37AS HKY91 Dep 11:28Z E/B

07-8614 C130J USAF 37AS HKY92 Dep 11:33Z E/B

161529 C9B USN VR46 Convoy9346 Arr 13:18Z Dep 14:33Z W/B

160048 C9B USN VR52 Convoy9121 Arr 14:04Z Dep 14:54Z W/B

2003 HC130J USCG CG2003 Arr 19:49Z