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Wednesday 29-Feb-2012

ZH865 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5632 Dep 11:53Z W/B

G-NSJS C680 G-NSJS Arr 12:21Z Dep 12:58Z to KICT

162786 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER70 Dep ??:?? E/B

165159 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3082 Dep ??:??Z E/B

165348 C130T USN VR62 Convoy3586 Dep ??:??Z E/B
Has Hex Code of 29CBB8

07-8614 C130J USAF 37AS HKY92 Arr 17:57Z E/B

08-8605 C130J USAF 37AS HKY91 Arr 18:14Z E/B
Tuesday 28-Feb-2012

159116 C9B USN VR61 Convoy9402 Arr 03:45Z Dep 04:28Z E/B

ZH865 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5632 Arr 19:43Z W/B

165348 C130T VR62 USN Convoy3586 Arr 19:59Z E/B
Has Hex Code of 29CBB8

162786 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER70 Arr 23:16Z E/B 

165159 C130T USN VR54 Convoy3082 Arr 23:43Z E/B
Monday 27-Feb-2012

G781 C130H NethAF NAF35 Dep 12:19Z  E/B

66-0220 MC130P USAF 67SOS Breeze51 Dep 13:06Z E/B to EGUN

165163 KC130T USMC VMGR234 RANGER73 Arr 20:53Z E/B
Sunday 26-Feb-2012

159115 C9B USN VR61 Convoy9802 Arr 14:50Z Dep 16:19Z W/B

88-1803 MC130H USAF 7SOS RESET31 Dep 16:08Z to KHRT W/B

2311 HC144A USCG CG2311 Dep 16:40Z to KECG

G781 C130H NethAF NAF35 Arr 20:55Z E/B

140104 CP140A CAF 407Sqn CFC0494 Arr 19:47Z W/B from LPLA

66-0220  MC130P USAF 67SOS Breeze51 Arr 22:19Z E/B
Saturday 25-Feb-2012

TK.10-12 KC130H SpanishAF Ala35 AME3111 Arr 02:39Z Dep 04:50Z to LETO

10-0742 MC12W USAF 489RS BADLY78 Dep 14:42Z to LPLA

N8029W BE9L N8029W Arr 13:30Z from KBGR Dep 14:48Z to LPAZ

N8128V BE9L N8128V Arr 13:35Z From KBGR Dep 14:51Z to LPAZ
Friday 24-Feb-2012

164105 KC130T USMC VMGR??? YANKY96 Dep 11:35Z E/B to EGUN
Has Hex Code of 29CBB8 Serial confirmed EGUN

164994 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3769 Dep 12:33Z W/B to KADW

XV188 C130C3A RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5150 Dep 13:34Z W/B to KNGU
with 0713 in Mode S Callsign Box

10-0742 MC12W USAF 489RS BADLY78 Arr 18:37Z from KBGR

Thursday 23-Feb-2012

08-3177 C130J USAF 317AW RCH305 Dep 02:06Z E/B to EGPK

N401LC L100-30 Lynden Cargo LYC643 Arr 04:01Z Dep 06:40Z to KADW

163310 KC130T USMC VMGR??? YANKY86 Dep 12:23Z E/B to EGUN
Routing NOVEP 4850 4945 5140 5235 5330 5325 5420 DOGAL BEVAN 

G-RMMA F900 G-RMMA Arr 12:38Z W/B Dep 14:07Z to MMOX

???????  ???? USAF? ????? GREY38 Dep 12:40Z to KBGR
This has a Hex of A0327F which is N11111 a PA60? This does not sound right? 

74-1675 C130H USAF 317AG RCH345 Dep 14:13Z E/B to EGUN
with HAZRD65 in Mode S callsign box
Routing NOVEP 4850 4945 4940 5035 5030 5125 5120 DINIM ELSOX

ZH865 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5619 Dep 14:26Z E/B

N71PG LJ35 N71PG Arr 15:30Z Dep 16:43Z to KMKC

G-FBJL F2TH G-FBJL Arr 16:16Z Dep 16:58 to KMIA 

164105 KC130T USMC VMGR??? YANKY96 Arr 18:33Z E/B
Has Hex Code of 29CBB8 Thanks to Doug MacDonald for the update

88-1803 MC130H USAF 7SOS RESET31 Arr 19:33Z W/B

164994 C130T USN VR53 Convoy3769 Arr 19:38Z W/B

XV188 C130C3A RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5150 Arr 20:41Z W/B
with 0713 in Mode S Callsign Box

EC-JXR F2TH GES222 Dep 21:20 To KMIA

Wednesday 22-Feb-2012

ZH865 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5618 Dep 12:34Z W/B

163311 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY80 Dep 14:29Z E/B to EGUN
Routing 4850 4945 5140 5235 5330 5325 5420 DOGAL BEXET

74-1675 C130H USAF 317AG RCH345 Arr 20:54Z E/B
with HAZRD65 in Mode S callsign box

????????   ???????  USAF?  ????? GREY38 Arr 21:01Z E/B

ZH865 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5619 Arr 21:17Z E/B

G-IFTE H25B IFT119 Dep 23:07Z E/B to EDDM

Tuesday 21-Feb-2012

83-0495 C12D USAF TITUS52 Dep 14:30Z W/B

ZH865 C130C4 RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5618 Arr 18:31Z W/B

163311 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY80 Arr 19:39Z E/B

08-3177 C130J USAF 317AW RCH305 Arr 21:29Z E/B

G-XBLU C680 G-XBLU Arr 23:41Z

163310 KC130T USMC VMGR452 YANKY86 Arr 23:59Z E/B
Monday 20-Feb-2012

N2440D PA44 N2440D Dep 12:04Z E/B to LPAZ

N2443X PA44 N2443X Dep 12:10Z E/B to LPAZ

5112 C160D GAF LTG?? GAF129 Dep 12:29Z W/B to KWRI

2311 HC144A USCG CG2311 Dep 14:13Z Arr 19:15Z
Mission over North Atlantic

83-0495 C12D USAF TITUS52 Arr 20:39Z W/B 

Sunday 19-Feb-2012

69-6570 AC130H USAF ??SOS RCH1036 Arr 06:55Z Dep 08:47Z W/B

G781 C130H NethAF NAF35 336Sqn Dep 15:45Z W/B

5112 C160D GAF LTG?? GAF129 Arr 15:52Z W/B

Saturday 18-Feb-2012

G781 C130H NethAF NAF35 336Sqn Arr 18:29Z W/B


N2443X PA44  N2443X Arr 20:13Z E/B from KBGR

N2440D PA44  N2440D  Arr 20:16Z E/B from KBGR

86-0454 C26A WARLOCK2 Arr 21:00Z E/B
Friday 17-Feb-2012

N5155A BE20 N5155A Dep 13:15Z E/B

89-1054 AC130U USAF 4SOS RCH1006 Dep 13:48Z E/B to BIKF

92-3286 C130H USAF 96AS VIKING80 Dep 14:03Z W/B

N173PA GLF3 N173PA Arr 16:25Z Dep 17:24Z

96-7324 C130H USAF RCH146 Arr 18:58Z Dep 19:46Z W/B
Thursday 16-Feb-2012

89-1054 AC130U USAF 4SOS RCH1006 Arr 02:19Z E/B

92-3286 C130H USAF 96AS VIKING80 Arr 17:01Z W/B
Wednesday 15-Feb-2012

2311 HC144A USCG CG2311 Arr 20:31Z

N5155A BE20 N5155A Arr 20:36Z E/B

OE-ICL CL60 GLJ63CL Dep 20:42Z W/B to KHPN
with Thanks to PaulTC for the update
Tuesday 14-Feb-2012

XV209 C130C3A RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5251 Dep 11:55Z E/B

N787FT B788 Boeing BOE005 Dep 15:29Z to KBFI

Due CYYR N9026Z at 02:39Z and N90263 at 02:49Z C208 from KEWK
Afghan AF Delivery will probably go to EGPK on the next leg

Monday 13-Feb-2012

4171 C130E PAF PAAF318 Arr 04:42Z Dep 07:02Z to LPLA

5081 C160D  GAF LTG?? GAF189 Dep 14:45Z

XV209 C130C3A RAF 24/30 Sqn RRR5251 Arr 19:22Z E/B

N213PQ PREM1 N213PQ Arr 19:29Z from KSWF

Sunday 12-Feb-2012

N787FT B788 Boeing BOE005
Has been doing Crosswind approches at CYQX

5081 C160D GAF GAF189 LTG?? Arr 22:013Z E/B
Saturday 11-Feb-2012

N787FT B788 Boeing BOE005 Arr 13:27Z W/B from BIKF
Thursday 09-Feb-2012

5082 C160D GAF LTG?? GAF321 Dep 12:46Z E/B to BIKF
Wednesday 08-Feb-2012

5082 C160D GAF LTG?? GAF321 Arr 18:23Z E/B
Tuesday 07-Feb-2012

3402 C27J MexAF India2241 Dep 09:58Z W/B

2005 HC130J USCG CG2005 Dep 16:44Z W/B for KECG

Monday 06-Feb-2012

XR808 VC10 C1K RRR2209 Dep 13:??Z

ZA447 Tornado GR4 RAF ?? Sqn RRR 9671 Dep 13:??Z E/B
Downwind to join with tanker at 1324 then heard with Gander as RRR2209Flt

2005 HC130J USCG CG2005
Has been in and out since arrival doing mission over the Atlantic

3402 C27J MexAF India2241 Arr 19:00Z W/B 


Sunday 05-Feb-12

N192CN C680  N192CN  Dep 12:30Z  E/B to LIRA

159116 C9B USN VR61  Convoy 9302 Arr 16:52Z W/B

ZA447 Tornado GR4 RAF ?? Sqn RRR 9671  Arr 19:56Z E/B from KPSM

XR808 VC10 C1K RRR2209 Arr ???
Friday 03-Feb-2012

73-1216 C12C USAF Cobra66 Dep ??:?? E/B
Presumed Dep this day as Pinged over Spain 06/02... Thanks to Live Military Mode S

G781 C130H NethAF 336Sqn NAF24 Dep 13:21Z E/B

CH-03 C130H BAF 20SM BAF651 Dep 13:41Z E/B

2005 HC130J USCG CG2005 Dep 14:47Z Arr 19:36Z

Thursday 02-Feb-2012

73-1216 C12C USAF Cobra66 Arr 19:09Z E/B
Has TITUS89 in Mode S Callsign Box.. Thanks to CMARGOH for the Info 

CH-03 C130H BAF 20SM BAF651 Arr 20:04Z E/B

G781 C130H NethAF 336Sqn NAF24 Arr 20:45Z E/B
Wednesday 01-Feb-2012

161266 C9B USN VR46 Convoy9382 Arr 19:40Z Dep 21:13Z W/B
Has Mode s Callsign of CNV6202

159116 C9B USN VR61 Convoy9302 Dep 21:27Z E/B to LPLA
Has Mode S Callsign of RS116

N347K GL5T N347K Dep 21:34Z

2005 HC130J USCG CG2005 Arr 21:52Z